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Multifunctional Fixed Wing SIM
  • Two-Seated Simulator with Dynamics & 3Ch Visual Assy of Rotorcraft/Fixed-Wing Aircraft
  • Simulator with 4 Axis CLS & Motion Equipment & Vibration
Development Contents
  • FAA FTD Level 7
  • High Fidelity Dynamics
  • Multi-piloted Simulator(Pilot, co-Pilot)
  • Reconfigurable Aircraft(Fixed or Rotary Wing)
  • 4Ch Control Loading System using for Electric Servo
  • 2+1Ch Motion System(2DOF Motion + Z Seat Shaker)
  • 55inch 3Ch Display(1m Satellite Image)
  • Intelligent IO Board(RS-422 Communication)
Development Period

2014 ~ 2015

Related Organization
  • BAROTech Synergy Co., LTD
Multifunctional Fixed Wing SIM Image