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Super Wings SIM Large
  • A large 12-passenger SuperWings Simulator through strategic alliance with FunnyFlux(EBS Animation SuperWings’ producer)
Development Contents
  • A large SuperWings character simulator
    : Development of family type equipment for up to 12 passengers
    : FRP application for realistic character shape representation
    : Apply ±25cm Surge & ±25˚ Roll
  • A hybrid display system
    : Install 3Ch LED Display in front of front row
    : Install VR HMD in the second row and third row
  • An interactive control system using FBW type force sensor
    : Steering speed control with signal according to steering power instead of displacement
Development Period

2017. 11 ~ 2018. 10

Related Organization
  • Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA)
SuperWings SIM Large Image