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Wingsuit SIM
  • Extreme Sports Wingsuit Simulator for Virtual Reality(VR)
Development Contents
  • VR image software for immersion
    : Applying Terrain DB of Mont Blanc in the Alps and downtown(Hanok Village)
    : Providing natural image through 20Hz or higher increased cycle
    : Control through VR HTC, VR Vive equipment
    : Reducing synchronization error between video and motion less than 100msec
  • Optimized hardware for Virtual Reality(VR)
    : Pitch over 90deg
    : Roll over ±10deg
    : Yaw over ±30deg
    : Maximizing 4D effect through air resistance using blower and windshield fabric suit
Development Period

2017. 10 ~ 2018. 9

Related Organization
  • Jeonbuk Technopark(JBTP)
Wingsuit SIM Image