BAROTech Synergy

We act it right Now in right technology of right Spirit.

CEO Greeting

CEO of BAROTech Synergy Co., Ltd

BAROTech Synergy is a specialized company developing and producing control technologybased aerospace, intelligent robotics and test equipment. Based upon various application experiences with high technology, we have committed to the development of its own capabilities and of the growth of the nation’s related areas.

BAROTech Synergy has strong expertise in mechatronics-based military and civilian sectors including CLS(Control Loading System) in aerospace simulator FAA level D, 6DOF motion system, and satellite launch propulsion system’s control and instrumentation equipment and automation robotics using servo/sensor.

We will further mobilize our all-out energy to steadily develop technologies and manufacture newer, more highly competitive items, that will help our client companies to generate their longlasting positive business performance sustainably, and thus contribute to shaping our nation’s stronger technological presence in the global markets.