BAROTech Synergy

We act it right Now in right technology of right Spirit.


Meaning of Barotech logo

  • BARO is the abbreviation of “Basic Advanced Robotics”, meaning the “basic and advanced robot”.
  • As its pronunciation suggests, BARO means that the technology of Barotech is the right technology required in this contemporary era.
  • As its pronunciation suggests, BARO means the immediate implementation of advanced technology for the nation and society.
  • The alphabet “A” embodies the Cockpit System of aircraft and head of satellite launch vehicle, symbolizing the company which leads the aerospace industry.
    The alphabet “O” embodies the FFA Level D-class DDACU(Direct Drive Actuator) the core technology of Barotech, implying that Barotech is the leader in simulation industry based on mechatronics.
  • BARO Tech Synergy stands for “Basic Advanced Robotics Technology System Energy”, meaning the company that creates energy for the nation, society, and coexistence(System+Energy=Synergy) based on the basic and advanced robot technology.
Logo color of Barotech
  • The white background color was used to highlight our technology and mentality rooted in correctness, righteousness, and purity epitomized by our slogan, “We immediately implement the right technology with right mentality”.
  • In addition, we used the blue color for the letters to highlight the vibrant and active attitude of young company as the words “Now”, Immediately, “Instantly” suggest.
  • The blue color highlighting the future-oriented aspects of aerospace industry, and the indomitable will power to realize the dream and ideals.
(4 color notation : C.M.Y.K : 0%)
(4 color notation : C 100% + M 95% + Y 2% + K 10%)

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