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ADD UGV Robot Test Bed
  • Sub-System of Integrated Video Equipment in Dog Horse Robot of Agency for Defense Development(ADD) Development
  • Build Moving Test Bed for Testing & Develop Actual Integrated Video Equipment System Case
Development Contents
  • Integrated Video Equipment Case of Dog Horse Robot
    : Interlocked High Resolution CCD Camera 3 Set
    : Image Processing Board
    : 1394, SMA, Power, Ethernet Connector Interface Panel
    : Applied Refrigeration, Vibration, Water Resistance, Loose Stopper
    : Wedge-Lok(Three-piece Type) to Fixing Board Slot
  • Moving Test Bed for Test
    : System Interlocked Test Bed-Power Supply/Signal/Communiaction
    : Moving Cart Form to offer same as Actual Envoinrment
Development Period

2007 ~ 2009

Related Organization
  • Agency for Defense Development(ADD)
  • Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI)
  • Samsung Thales, Satrec Initiative(SI)
ADD UGV Robot Test Bed Image