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FFS for Tracking Ultrafast Object
  • Tracking Trajectory of Moving Object with High Speed over Mach 5.5 such as Cannonball
  • Tracking/Recording/Analysis of Trajectory by Ultrafast Camera & Mirror Rotation Device
  • FFS : Flight Follower System
Development Contents
  • Ultrafast Mirror Rotation Actuator(MAU)
    : Trace Control of Ultrafast Position/Velocity
    : Scan Ratio 45-100deg, Below 40msec
    : Servo Device by Accurate Encoder
    : Position Adjusting Frame & Tripod of Camera
  • Mirror Controller PCU
    : cRIO Real-Time Embedded System
    : Trigger/Camera Video/Servo Linkage Control
    : Modeling Technique of Ballistic Trajectory
    : FFS Control & Monitoring GUI
  • Certificate of Patent(Photographing Apparatus for Tracking Object with High Speed, 10-1164656)
Development Period

2011 ~ 2012

Related Organization
  • Agency for Defense Development(ADD) Anheung Testing Ground
FFS for Tracking Ultrafast Object Image