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FWS by Carbon Fiber
  • Filament Winding Equipment by Special Carbon Fiber Composites of Advanced Concept
  • Gun Barrel of Major Axis by Carbon Material for Series Launch & Accuracy Rate Improvement of Next Generation Self-Propelled Artillery
  • FWS : Filament Winding System
Development Contents
  • Robot Platform of FWS for 10m Major Axis
    : 5 Axis Servo Control Equipment (CS/XS/ZS/YS/FS)
    : 4 Axis Pneumatic Equipment (Pneumatic Solenoid Valve)
  • Robot Controller of FWS
    : PLC and LabVIEW Mixed Software
    : 5+4 Axis Interlocked Sequence Control
    : Carbon Fiber Winding by Gun Barrel Shape of Major Axis
  • Able to Develop Various Equipment & Products by using Carbon Fiber
Development Period

2013 ~ 2014

Related Organization
  • Agency for Defense Development(ADD)
  • Nexcoms CO., LTD
FWS by Carbon Fiber Image