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Lower Limb Rehabilitation Tobot
  • Medical Robot for Rehabilitation/Medical Assist/Nursing Assist
  • Separation Rehabilitation Robot apply to both Fixed Training and Moving Training of Independence Walk by Treadmill
Development Contents
  • Main Control & Treadmill for Fixed Training
    : Walk Speed Synchronized Treadmill with Driving Equipment
    : Assembly-Type Mechanism-Separation /Combination
  • Servo Equipment for Wearable Suit & Joint Region
    : Personalized Wearable Carbon Suit
    : Servo Equipment of Ankle, Knee, Hip Joint
  • Harness Simulator for Load Support
    : Replace Physical Weight Balance or Harness
    : Variable Adjustment by Physical Condition (MASS Model)
  • Control Software
    : Supply Gait Pattern Modeling, Walk Contents
    : Performance Evaluation of Equipment & Management of Training Record
Development Period

2014 ~ 2014

Related Organization
  • Chonbuk National University Hospital
Lower Limb Rehabilitation Tobot Image