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Off-Road Autonomous Driving Robot
  • Off-road Autonomous Driving Robot for Internal Management of Controlled Agriculture-Rail and Off-road
  • Internal Environment Monitoring such as Pest Control System, Temperature/Carbon Dioxide
  • AUGV : Agricultural Unmanned Ground Vehicle
Development Contents
  • Unmanned Autonomous Driving Robot Field
    : Obstacle Recognizing Equipment by Laser Sensor & Ultrasonic Wave Sensor
    : Navigation Equipment by DGPS & Network Device
    : Driving Equipment by Electrical Servo Device
    : Power Supply Equipment by Battery & Inverter
  • Operation & Monitoring Equipment Field
    : Pest Control System by Control Power Device & Micro Spray Nozzle
    : Internal Environment Monitoring by using Tevmperature Sensor & Caron Dioxide Sensor
    : Recording & Saving Various Environment Data
Development Period

2007 ~ 2008

Related Organization
  • Private Development
  • Chonbuk National University
Off-Road Autonomous Driving Robot Image