BAROTech Synergy

We act it right Now in right technology of right Spirit.

  • Autonomous Driving Control Weeding Robot for Eco-Friendly Rice Farming by Adapted Cultivation Tractor
  • Control Autonomous Driving & Weeding Working Machine by GPS & Rice Seedlings Recognizing Sensor
  • WEEBOT : WEEding roBOT
Development Contents
  • Develop Autonomous Driving Platform from Adapted Cultivating Tractor
    : Install Location/Speed Control Actuator (8 DOF Control)
    : Steering/Clutch/Main Transmission/Sub Transmission/Left, Right Break/Speed Adjusting/Lift
    : Interface of PTO Axis
    : Engine Room Structure & High-Capacity Battery
  • Autonomous Controller by Wireless Communication System
    : Auto/Manual Mode
    : Using Ethernet TCP/IP Communication & Wireless Remote Device
    : Interlock GPS Sensor & Laser Sensor
    : Using Pair of Rice Seedlings Recognizing Sensor
Development Period

2015 ~ 2015

Related Organization
  • Rural Development Administration(RDA)