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Armored Vehicle Simulator
  • The K200A1 Armored Vehicle Simulator Allows the Pilot to Attain Proficiency so that They can Accomplish the Mission Immediately.
Development Contents
  • Pilot Trainer
    : Cabin, LRU(Wheel CLS), Motion, PAU, Visual, Communication System, Sound System
    : IOS Console, IOS COM, Power Control, Emergency Control, Instructor Control Communication, Instructor Control Room
  • Equipment Room
    : Rack Case, HUB & KVM, Main COM, Server Tactical COM, CCTV COM, Power Supply, quipment Room Air Conditioning System
  • Training Room
    : Monitor for Education, Sound COM, Waiting Room Air Conditioning System
  • Steering Trainer SW
    : The Armored Vehicle Dynamics SW, Visual SW, Motion SW, Wheel CLS SW
  • Instructor Control Room SW
    : Main GUI, Map GUI, Tactical Dynamics SW
Development Period

2016 ~ 2018

Related Organization
  • Republic of Korea Army(ROKA)
  • R.O.K. Armor School
Armored Vehicle Simulator Image