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KF-X HQS Simulated MFD
  • Multi Functional Device(MFD) Applied to Real Aircraft is Applied to Simulator
  • High Precision Machining Accuracy to Secure Mechanical Mountability and Complex Input that can Apply Both Touch and Switch
Development Contents
  • Development of Small MFD
    : PCB and Switch for Signal Processing
    : Applying Touch Panel and monitor
    : Interface Controller of Switch Signal
    : Processing and assembly Bezel and Housing
  • Development of Large MFD
    : PCB/Switch/Controller for Large MFD
    : Applying Large Sized Touch Panel/Monitor
    : Graphical Instrument SW for MFD(8 Kinds)
    : Processing Large Bezel and Housing
    : Processing and Assembly Instrument Frame
  • System Integration and Interworking
    : Integration of Large MFD / Small MFD / Frame System
    : Interworking Test with Simulator Host
Development Period

2016 ~ 2017

Related Organization
  • JBTP
KF-X HQS Simulated MFD Image