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Seat Sheaker(SS) for KUH SFTS
  • Seat Shaker for Rotorcraft Simulator as Unique in Domestic
  • Certificate of Patent(Aircraft Simulator with Seat Shaker, 10-1165573)
  • KUH : Korea Utility Helicopter
  • SFTS : Synthetic Flight Training Simulator
Development Contents
  • Independent Seat Shaking Revival Actuator in line 2 Set
    : 5kW Servo Motor
    : Crank & Connecting Rod Type
  • Rotor Blade & Runway Vibration
    : Interlock with Host Vibration Model
    : Servo PID Control
  • Control Amplitude & Frequency at once
    : High Frequency (Max. 22Hz)
    : Amplitude (Max. 6mm)
Development Period

2008 ~ 2012

Related Organization
  • Korea Army Nonsan Aviation School
  • Korea Aerospace Industries, LTD.(KAI)
Seat Sheaker(SS) for KUH SFTS Image