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KSLV-1 Launch System Operation
  • Develop KSLV-1 and inspection & management support of launch system
  • Support for 3 years to management and maintenance of launch system at site of Naro-do
Development Contents
  • Dispatch Core Engineers to the Site of Naro-do
    : Electric Field, Control and Instrumentation Field
  • Management and Maintenance of Launch System
    : Propulsion Control System
    : Ground & Control Equipment of Launch System
  • Various Valve and Sensor Instrumentation Support
    : Electricity and Signal Linkage Test
Cited by Minister of MEST(Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Cited for develop the KSLV-1 and Launch successfully

Development Period

2011 ~ 2013

Related Organization
  • Korea Aerospace Research Institute(KARI)
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hanyang ENG
KSLV-1 Launch System Operation Image