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KSLV-2 Combustion Cycle Test Facility
  • Manufacture & install the equipment about control and instrumentation for rocket engine test facility of 8-ton class staged combustion cycle
  • Triple redundancy of IO signal & emegrency control facility & implementation of auto sequence function
  • C&I : Control and Instrumentation
  • KSLV-2 : Korea Space Launch Vehicle
Development Contents
  • Integration Rack for Control and Instrumentation
    : 19” Rack, UPS, PDU, PSU, NI DAQ, PCB
    : IO Triple Redundancy-TRIPLEX RUGGED BOARD
    : LabVIEW, P&ID/Calibration/Graph/Data Save
  • Triple Rugged System Build
    : Preparation Room-Large Integration Rack
    : Control Room-Small Control/Power Rack, IOS Sytsem
    : Test Section-Systematic Signal Process by Junction Box
  • System Build
    : Building Mechanical System Design -Architecture/Power/Cable Tray etc.
    : Emergency Control Facility & Auto Sequence
Development Period

2014 ~ 2015

Related Organization
  • Korea Aerospace Research Institute(KARI)
  • Hanyang ENG
KSLV-2 Combustion Cycle Test Facility Image