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KSLV-2 Launch Control System
  • Analysis for launch control system(PACS 1.1) of KSLV-1 and formulate a plan for localization
  • Design & Develop three sort of systems for launch control system of Korea Space Launch Vehicle(KSLV-2)
  • KSLV-2 : Korea Space Launch Vehicle
Development Contents
  • Analysis of Launch Control System for Korea Space Launch Vehicle(KSLV-1)
    : System Analysis of Launcher(LB) and Control Center(LCC)
    : Analysis of Russia HMI Software
  • Design and Development of Launch Control System for Korea Space Launch Vehicle(KSLV-2)
    : Total 26 Set Rack-GLPS/GTCS/PACS System etc.
    : Test Launch(2017), Actual Launch (2019)
  • Development Technology of Launch Control System
    : Develop IO Signal Triplex Rugged Board
    : Multi Port UDT Ethernet Communication, 6 Redundancy Communication
    : Build & Integration of System(Appliance/Electric Field/Software)
Development Period

2013 ~ 2019

Related Organization
  • Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)
KSLV-2 Launch Control System Image