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KSLV-2 Pyrolock Equipment
  • Screws of Pyrolock are Separated by Explosion Pressure and Pyrolock is Non-Reusable One-Time Equipment so that Reliability is Required
  • Equipment is Measuring Ignition Pressure, and Reliability Assessment by Same Amount of Air Pressure as Explosion Pressure
  • KSLV-2 : Korea Space Launch Vehicle
Development Contents
  • Control and Instrumentation Target
    : Dynamic Pressure Sensor 8Ch , Pneumatic Sensor 1Ch
  • Develop Hardware Field
    : Small Rack & Control and Instrumentation Conotrller 1Set
    : Sensor Control – PCB Signal Conditioner Utilization
  • Develop Software Field
    : Instrumentation Program by LabVIEW
    : Measure Pressure & Acceleration (Possible to Set Each Channel)
    : Data Calibration & Filtering
    : Graph Expression & Save
Development Period

2013 ~ 2014

Related Organization
  • Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)
  • Hanyang ENG
KSLV-2 Pyrolock Equipment Image