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KSLV-2 75TONS Thrust Load Test
  • Driving Load Test Equipment for Mock 75Tons of Thrust in Space Launch Vehicle by Hydraulic Apparatus
  • Analyze System Resonance by 5.2Tons of Equivalent Mass over 50Hz of Vibrating Test
  • KSLV-2 : Korea Space Launch Vehicle
Development Contents
  • System on High Load of 75Tons
    : Base Frame/Engine Support & Copy of Gimbal Bearing
    : Fuselage Structure Support/Moment Arm of Gimbal Engine
  • Hydraulic System for Resonance Analysis over 50Hz
    : Equivalent Mass(5.2Tons) of Rotating Inertia Moment of Gimbal Engine
    : Line of Hydraulic & Electric Field
  • Actuator Operation & Application of Load Measurement
    : Thrust Simulator & Load Cell
  • Deformation Structure Analysis of High Load & Test and Evaluation
  • Data Base of Test Report
Development Period

2013 ~ 2015

Related Organization
  • Korea Aerospace Research Institute(KARI)
  • Hanwha Corporation/Machinery
KSLV-2 75TONS Thrust Load Test Image