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LAH Ground Mockup Launch System
  • Developed Actuator and Control System to Move and Maintain Simulated Fuselage at High Angle
Development Contents
  • High Angle Actuator
    : The Motor’s Rotational Power is Generated by a Linear Thrust through a Reducer and a Ball Screw to Move the Simulated body at a High Angle
    : Worm Gear Reducer with Two Input Shafts to Enable the Actuator to Operate Manually, so that It can Operate Manually even in Case of Emergency
  • High Angle Actuator Control System
    : Receive an Elevation Control Command from the System to Allow the Simulated Body to Maintain its Desired Slope
Development Period

2017 ~ 2017

Related Organization
  • Hanwha Co., Ltd
LAH Ground Mockup Launch System Image