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Road Noise Measurement on Freeway
  • Trailer for Road Noise Measurement by Road & Tire during Expressway Driving
  • Design and Manufacture Tow Vehicle & Special Trailer, Various Sensor & Test Assy in Special Trailer
Development Contents
  • Design/Manufacture Special Trailer
    : Hitch Ball Kepler, Connect Handle, Assistant Wheel, Hdyraulic Jockey
    : Inertia Break, Hand Break
    : Sound-Absorbing Material & Skirt for Sound Isoltaion/Proofing
  • Mic Sensor & Sensor Fixation
    : Fix Holder Adjust
    : Speed Measuring Sensor, Temperature Sensor
  • Electronic Display & Trailer Warning Light
    : Control LED Display & Left/Right Warning Light
  • Controller for Signal Acquisition & Saving Data File
Development Period

2008 ~ 2009

Related Organization
  • Korea Expressway Corporation Research Institute
  • SM Instruments
Road Noise Measurement on Freeway Image