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Total Precision System for Offshore Plant
  • System Management of Tear Structure Down and Maintenance Decision Through Diagnosing Old Durability of Offshore Plant Structure
  • Measuring Equipment Preventable Safety Accident
Development Contents
  • Simulation Structure of Offshore Plant Equipment
    : Square Carbon Steel, Circle CFRP
  • Earthquake and Simulation Equipment of Structural Vibration and Software
    : Formation of P wave, S wave
    : Amplitude and Frequency Control of P wave, S wave
  • Signal Control Equipment
    : Controller of DAQ System-NI Corporation
  • Detection Algorithm for Dent(Damage) State
    : Dent(Damage) State Algorithm Using Carbon Steel and CFRP Material
Development Period

2015 ~ 2017

Related Organization
  • Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Total Precision System for Offshore Plant Image